Bevnav is a Google Map application for Android, which shows all the pubs and bars in the users selected city and what offers they have going at the moment. Currently for portfolio and development reasons the only cities available are Lincoln, Luton, Hitchin and Worcester. Each pub or bar is shown on the map with a custom icon representing what type of offer they currently have going, examples of these are beer, cocktails, wines, shots among others. 

When the user clicks on the icon they will be shown a profile pop up, which will show the selected bars photo, name, address, main offer and a small list of other drinks they may want to advertise. 

All this information is being pulled through from an database on a WAMP server which is based on my laptop (the downside to this is the IP needs changing constantly!! But at s ome point I will put it on a live server online). 

To build this I used Android for the application along with PHP for a web service that the application will connect to, in order to access and pull all the data from the database which is MySQL based. 


Created: 2016