Attack Of The RGB


Have a go and play the game! - Feel free to contact me with any feedback on it. Positive and/or negatives

Attack of the RGB is an arcade style spaceship shooter game with the player being a human that has stumbled upon a galaxy which has only three planets, the red, the green and the blue. Each of these planets have tribes who do not feel happy that a new being has found them and decides to attack. 

The game plays out with waves of enemies coming at you, with each of these waves consisting of a set amount of enemies. Each wave belongs to a set of five waves and after each set a boss battle erupts, where the player must take out the leader of the tribe. There are three sets, set one being only red enemies, two being red and green enemies and finally the third being the red, the green and the blue enemies attacking. After defeating the leader of the blue tribe, the player will unlock a bonus round where the player gets attacked by all three of the leaders. However though, to complete this round the player must only kill one leader. 



Created: 2014

Throughout the game the player will earn points for killing an enemy, earning 5 for a red enemy, 10 for a green and 15 for a blue. More points will be earned for defeating a leader: 10 for the red leader, 15 for the green and 20 for the blue. In the bonus round the player will earn the respective points for defeating an enemy leader as well as a bonus for how quick it took for them to do so. 

At certain points in the play through bonuses will be released that the player must collect to unlock power ups. These power ups come in the form of allies (other human ships, that have been damaged and from the previous war and found their way there), and the player must collide with the ship to gain the power up. These power ups will only work for a couple of minutes and they are: 

For the weapon the players gun has a capacity on it, meaning they can't keep spamming bullets at enemies to win and will promote strategy into the game as it will over heat after a certain amount of gunfire. Therefore two of the power ups have been at aiding the player with the weakness of this gun. The "No weapon Cap" means there will be no cap on how many bullets fired and no cool down before they can use it again. The "Weapon Spray" will spray out as many bullets as possible at one time, leading to more chance of hitting and enemy. The only thing with this one, is that the weapon will still be in effect.